Luminize is an Engineering firm which develops machinery for, and together with its customers. We combine the machine concept, mechanical engineering and the use of Open Source Software to bring the machinery to life.


We live to create new machines and add value to our Customers process.

We always start at the beginning. We need to have a full grasp of the problem that our Customer encounters to come up with a personalised solution.

We work together with Logistics experts in order to remove waste from the process and come up with a solution so each action in the process adds value to the product.

We design the machinery in Solidworks. This can be done in cooperation with the Customer, or completely taken care off by Luminize.

We control machinery with Open Source Software which has proven itself over 15+ years. We believe that by using properly supported open source libraries we minimise the risk of re-inventing the wheel and maintain a high development speed.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.